Are you considering the purchase of a new home or property? Are you refinancing? How much can you afford? What is the best mortgage product for you?

You need professional advice you can trust.

What will you concern about when you search mortgage rates, mortgage brokers and lenders on the Internet? Except the lower rates and conditions, who should you select as your family mortgage partner?


Here are some professional recommendations:

  1. How do you determine who will give you the best advice?
  2. Are they knowledgeable?
  3. Are they experienced?
  4. How about the rates?

Make the right decision!!! Get the professional advice and the best mortgage rates by working with ME.


5 Reasons to Select Me as your lifetime mortgage broker:

  1. One of Best Mortgage Rates – Max. Buying Down Rates in Canada: I am the Principal Mortgage Broker, the owner of CBMR Mortgage which is a 100% independent mortgage brokerage company (meaning top commission from the lenders, no split, no franchise fee, no profit sharing). I always provide the lowest “buying-down interest rates” to all my clients.
  2. MBA with 20 Year Business Experience: My experience and updated knowledge are your assurance that you are getting the best professional information and advice on your mortgage.
  3. Treat Everyone Equally: Whoever you are, a new borrower who knows nothing about the mortgage or an experienced borrower, I will treat you equally to provide you the same best and lowest mortgage rates according to your qualified income and credit. So, my clients always trust the rates I provide are the best rates.
  4. Clear, Transparent and Honest: I always make all mortgage rates and procedures to be clear and transparent, and be honest to every borrower.
  5. A Smart Professional Financial Planner: Creative planning for your mortgage is over the mortgage itself, it helps you to resolve your financial problems, save more interests and establish your finance more strongly


Being my clients, is Your Lucky… is My Pleasure…


     Mortgage Broker, MBA

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