Best 3 Year Mortgage Rates


The following rates are our published rates. We may provide special promotion in your area. Please choose your area or the nearest area to find our lowest promotional rates. Furthermore, we provide special rates on this website 3 times per day, 1 hour per time, for different terms. Please check our website frequently. 

Market LowestMy RatesTypesFeaturesHoldingPrepayAmortizationMin. LoanLender's Conditions
3.09%2.99%FCALL9015/1515 ~ 25>$200KNR, LTV>80%
3.19%3.09%FCALL9015/1515 ~ 25>$200KNR, LTV: 70%~80%
3.14%3.04%FCALL9015/1515 ~ 25>$200KNR, LTV<70%
P=Prime Rate
P-0.85P-0.95VCALL12015/1515 ~ 25>$200KNR, LTV>80%
P-0.60P-0.70VCALL12015/1515 ~ 25>$200KNR, LTV: 70~80%
P-0.80P-0.90VCALL12015/1515 ~ 25>$300KNR, LTV<70%
Abbreviation for FeaturesAbbreviation for Holding & PrepayAbbreviation for TypesAbbreviation for Lender's Conditions
PT = PortableN = New MortgageFC = Fixed ClosedNR = No Rental
A = AssumableR = Refinance MortgageVC = Variable ClosedNW = No Switch
B = BreakableS = Switch MortgageVO = Variable OpenCL = Conventional Loan (DP>20%)
T = TransferableSTD = 120N/90R/60SCM = Collateral MortgageHR = High Ratio Loan (DP<20%)
ALL = PT,A,B,TD = Double PaymentNRF - No ReFinanceDP = Down Payment
P = Prime RateLTV = Loan / Property Value


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