Notice For Special Mortgage Rates




Special promotion rates are held randomly every day in the different time (1 to 2 hours per time and 2 to 3 times per day) for AA clients (Good Credit and Good Income) in Ontario. Every day, the CBMR Mortgage provides the different promotions which are much lower than the published rates on this website (click to see our published rates). All applicants who see these special rates, MUST fill up and submit the Online Application Form within 2 hours, and MUST put the special rate in the field of “Mortgage Rate Requested” of the Online Application Form (in the Section 7 for New Purchase Form, or Section 6 for Refinance and Switch Form). Otherwise it’s not qualified to take these rates.


Conditions For Getting These Special Rates:

  1. Check the HOLDING Period: the days to closing date are whether equal or less than the HOLDING days or not
  2. Check the MIN. LOAN Amount: your mortgage amount is whether larger than the Min. Loan Amount or not
  3. Check other conditions listed
  4. Submit ONLINE APPLICATION within 2 hours after the promotion rate expires
  5. Submit all SUPPORT DOCUMENTS within 2 days except Job Letter and the documents confirmed by the CBMR
  6. Note: all special promotion rates are not for Pre-Approval (you haven’t had an accepted OFFER yet) and not for rental properties.


All these special rates are based on the lender’s final approval and may be changed without further notices.


If you see this special rate above, Click the Apply Online Icon on top of each page or Click Here To “Apply Online” immediately. It’s only valid for 2 hours.




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