Mortgage Knowledge


1.  Buying A Home Procedure

Introduce whole procedure for buying a resale home in real estate industry, including all legal contracts, usualful website and real estate agent & brokerage functions. From this page, just ONE click, you will know all necessary knowledge for buying a home from zero.

2.  Mortgage Procedure

Introduce whole procedure for a mortgage in bank or mortgage brokerage industries,including all searching, applying, credit check, regnized legal documents, evaluating by mortgagor and lenders, and final closing mortgage contract… From this page, ONE click, you will learn all steps for a mortgage application.

3.  Mortgage Pre-approved Application

Introduce why and how you’d better get a pre-approved mortgage application before you make offer for buying a home. From this page, ONE click, you will learn how to get a rate as lower as possible and how to lock the rate as long as possible.

4.  Evaluation by Lenders

Introduce some evaluation standards of most lenders (including banks) in mortgage industry. Most people hardly know these kinds of lenders’ internal policy for approving a mortgage application. From this page, ONE click, you will know how and why th lenders approve or reject your mortgage application.

5.  Documents Needed by Lenders

Introduce all documents needed by most lenders in Canadian mortgage market, including Canadian 5 chartered banks and all lenders in lending market of Canada. ONE click, you will learn what kinds of documents can support your mortgage application.

6.  Mortgage Application Procedure

Introduce detail about how you apply a mortgage for buying a resale home/new home, refinancing your existing mortgage or transfering from one lender to another. ONE click, you will learn detail about the mortgage you hope to apply.

7.  Knowing Mortgage Types & Products

Introduce detail about most common mortgage types and products in Canadian market. ONE click, you will learn most mortgage types and products in Canada and what kinds of factors will ifluence them. After know these, you can choose a right type for your home based on your situation and future market trends.

8.  Mortgage Closing Procedure

Introduce detail how your lawyer, lender, mortgage agent and mortgage brokerage company if have,  real estate agent and brokerage company will do during closing your property you purchased and mortgage you applied. ONE click, you will know all detail steps and relationship each other for closing successfully.

9.  Commercial Mortgage

Introduce what difference is between residential mortgage and commercial mortgage. ONE click, you will briefly know commercial mortgage application, lenders’ evaluation, documents needed and commercial mortgage rate.

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