Mortgage Affordability & Suitability Analysis


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Here is the sample template within common family expenses for mortgage affordability and suitability analysis.

Use your numbers to analyze and get a report under the advice of the mortgage broker.

Note: we set automatic calculation for some fields by inflation rate and mortgage contract term.  


  • Total Income -----------------------------------------------------
  • Existing Debts ----------------------------------------------------
  • New Debts --------------------------------------------------------
  • Please Note: This monthly payment is based on the current rate. The Market may go up and the rate for next contract term may be much higher. So you can not calculate your affordability only based on the current rate. Mostly banks recommend using the Canada Benchmark rate to calculate (as default in the field). Also, the Prime Rate may go up during the contract term if selecting the variable mortgage. Please continue...
  • Comparison For Current Rate & Future Higher Rate ---------
  • Current Expenses Below:
    Future Expenses Below:
  • Find Results Here -------------------------------------------------
  • ***********************************************
  • If PRIME Rate increases (for variable mortgage)
  • Then ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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